Start a business with the help of the Maxim service

An international service for ordering rides and services that is now operational in more than 1000 cities around the world.

By opening your business with the Maxim service, you receive:

exclusive rights to your city

automatic system for managing your business

mobile apps for drivers and passengers

modern software for directors

You can manage your business from anywhere in the world, set your pricing policy yourself and control all financial indicators.

Maintenance and support

We constantly help and support our partners through every stage of a job.

Technical support
Legal support
Provided marketing and design package
Employee training

All of this allows our partners to start their own business within the first month of partnership.

Easy Start

You won't have to spend money to buy and maintain your own vehicle fleet, develop your own site and mobile app for drivers and passengers. Everything is already there and only needs management in your city.

What You Need to Start

Create a legal entity.
Open a small office.
Sign a contract with Maxim service.
Pay the lump sum fee.
Receive exclusive rights to your city.

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